lunes, 9 de noviembre de 2009

20 years berlin wall!!

damn today was a special day in my town...let's say 20 years ago a wall falled... one of the most amazing events in west europe...yes u got it the berlin wall...ok it wasn't as emocionall as 20 years ago it was even fucking show bizz but i had a lot of fun trying to get the impression of the west & the east...damn it was something unike in europe...ok germans are mad but as everywhere there are good bad & absolut crazy ones...& guess what i always like the crazy version...soo i end up in the crazy version of the event...i got some good footage ...give me time to edit it & it will follow with the post...whatever this town is crazy ...that's my final conclusion & i love is not what everyone expects but if u are someone who doesn't expect & just flow it's the city...was a great day... but i'm still missing the most importnat but i know this friday i gonna have it & i can't fucking wait...damn...good luck & let's never ever build a wall... maybe not one made of walls people i hope uknow what i mean!!

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