miércoles, 14 de octubre de 2009

meneo 4 life!!

i just have to post this cause i consider this video is amazing!! he has done very much projects in a city which really needs people like him !! he is one of the best 8 bit performers i've ever seen & this will open u eyes once u see it!! don't miss all the other stuff like the meneo movil which was amazing in the sonar event!! meneo u are great!!
& the story behind is fucked up but he managed to create something fantastic out of it!! viva meneo y el 8 bit tropical!!

burrita tecktonika... this shit is awesome!!!

this video is terribly good!! i remember when i saw the video the first time with the original version i just was so fucking amazed of this new frnch dancing style but this video mashup is just the best ever i really can't stop laughing when i see it!! check it out!!


Ghost on tape

Amazing one of a quarter set of an amazing artist called ghost on tape!!! check out his myspace site & listen also to the rainbow arabia remix which is also one of my favourite songs lately!! enjoy!!
here the links:



lunes, 12 de octubre de 2009

Musik lova!!

Here is my account on a site which i consider is very helpfull in a way to discover new musik & also konnekt with other listeners to share interests. Here i have almost listened to 4150 different artists which is a sign that i love musik & all genres, but specially elektronik musik. Nowadays i'm pretty interested in the sound of Dubstep & Alternative Elektronik musik specially coming from San Francisco with labels like http://www.finderskeepersrecords.com/home.html
or Caroline Third Party. One of the recent artist i've been listening to was Gaslamp Killer - All Killer is his latest album & i have to say it blew my mind away!! Really superb... i saw him in last Sonar 2009 edition and was also pretty amazed!!

Let's get started!!

Soooo.... i really never was a big fan of blogging but as i'm here now i consider to see this as an opportunity to update different interests & aspects of my consciense existance.
My interests are daily based in art, musik & acknowledge of the system in where i'm living.
Right know i'm writing this in bed with a beer in one hand & of course a cigarette in the other but the most important right now is sitting beside me with a big smile wondering about my first post!!
Anycase this is real life & that's what will be posted here!! Maybe sometimes in english or spanish or german depends how i feel more comftarble...